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The Marshall Tiger Dance Team (MTDT) is a group of very ambitious dancers comprised of 30+ Marshall Student’s grades 7-12, that competes in High Kick and Jazz categories against many MN schools.

Team Placement & Eligibility


MTDT will be divided into two competitive teams, Junior Varsity and Varsity. The Junior Varsity teams have been established in order to provide a place for less experienced dancers to work on technique and skills to prepare them for the Varsity team.

All MHS athletes between the grades of 7-12 are eligible to tryout for the dance team. The tryout process will take place in the fall, during the first week of season. A JAM judge will be brought in to assist in selecting the team. All dancers must audition every year. Final placement decision will be up to the coaching staff and decisions may not be disputed.

Not each member of the team will dance at every competition. Cuts will be made for each individual competition based on coaches’ discretion and will only be discussed with the dancer.  Coaches will exercise the ability to move dancers between the Varsity and Junior Varsity teams at any time.

Team Conduct Expectations


Certain standards are necessary for the integrity and reputation of this team. We feel that members of this team should be leaders within the school and should set a good example at all times. By accepting the privilege/honor of being selected as a Tiger Dancer, a member accepts that her actions are more prominent than those not associated with such an activity.A member must be on her best behavior at all times, anywhere in the community, and at all functions where you are recognized as a representative of the Tiger Dance Team.


Attitude. The success and growth of the Tiger Dance Team depends on the attitudes of the team members. Repeated occurrences of a poor attitude towards the dance team policies, the coaches/team members, or the decisions made in the interest of the team will not be tolerated.

Dedication. The expectations of the team members are high. Practices are demanding and dancers are expected to work hard, pay attention, and accept constructive criticism with grace.  Your goal should be to be a better dancer.

Respect. Team members will respect their teammates and their coaches. It is important for team members to understand that decisions will be made in the best interest of the ENTIRE team.

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