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Meet the Team

"Unified We Succeed" 


Our Story

The Marshall Tiger Dance Team is a group of young women who are dedicated to the sport of dance. They embody grace, class, and enthusiasm through the work they put forth on and off the dance floor. They are respectful, dedicated and passionate athletes who continuously strive to be better than they were the day before. The MTDT is committed to excellence and does not settle for anything less. In this program, we strive to provide young women the skills and confidence to succeed beyond dance through hard work, dedication, and competition.

Meet The Team

7th graders
Ariana, Avery & Ava
Heading 5
8th graders
Mickensy, Teagan, Rayleigh & Ava
9th graders
Ashlynn, Lydia, Lauren, Oliva, Elizabeth & Emery
10th graders
Brielle, Alana, Ella & Jada
11th graders
Harley, Chloe, Cadence, Mackenzie & Devynn
12th graders
Kayla, Kaia & Kapriece
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