2020-2021 Season Fundraising Options - INFO COMING SOON!

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2019-2020 Season Fundraising Options

Each team member (manager or dancer) is expected to contribute $150.00 in Dance Booster Club dues, in addition to participating in the Business Sponsorship fundraiser. Dues can be paid through the following options:

  • Write a check (credit card, cash, or PayPal) to Marshall Dance Boosters in the amount of $150.

  • Sell Dance Booster cards - $15 ($10 to Booster, $5 to PFA)

  • Sell Marshall Tumblers - $10 ($5 to Booster, $5 to PFA)

  • Sell Tiger Pop Sockets - $10 each ($4 to the Booster, $3 to PFA)

  • A combination of Dance Booster Cards, Tiger Pop Sockets, Tumblers, Parent Sponsorship to equal $150.00

Other Fundraisers

  • Parent Sponsorship - shoe or star displayed at Hometown Show ($15 - Booster)

  • Dance Team Window Cling ($5 - Booster)

  • Pizza Sales ($5 per pizza to Booster)

    • Telethon - October 26th from 12-1 pm, following costume hand-out​

    • Order forms sent out at try-outs, October 21-23 (may request order forms earlier!)

ALL Dancers participate with the Business Sponsorship efforts 

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